Vendors Don’t Call

You may have received a call from Microsoft, HP, Dell or some other Vendor and they tell you something is wrong with your computer and they want to check it. This is a scam.

Why is it a scam?

We are talking about software or hardware manufacturers which you bought something from as an end user. There’s only one time you get direct or indirect contact with the vendor. That is when you buy the item.

If you haven’t made a contract with the vendor that they will monitor your system for X amount of time, they won’t be calling you if anything is wrong. This process would cost the vendor so much money that they had to file bankruptcy in no time. Just imagine Microsoft having to monitor 283 millon devices every day and call people for every virus they get!

How should you act if you receive such a call?

It’s easy – just hang up the phone. Don’t even say bye! I mean you don’t wish a robber good night after he stole your purse right?

You did already give them access to your system?

They will lock up your system and ask for money. That’s probably when you realize it’s a scam. No worries though, follow these steps:

  • Unplug your computer from the network immedately
  • Follow the Virus Removal Guide on /r/techsupport
  • Change all your passwords from a separate device
  • If unsure, open up a new thread on /r/techsupport

What do they do anyway?

They will gain access through your computer (which you manually have to give them). Then they will either install some virus on it to catch all your bank data and passwords or they lock it up for ransom.

So be careful! Vendors won’t call you out of the blue unless you pay them a horrendous amount of money for a service contract.

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