Importance of Keeping Your Software Updated

Importance of Software Updates

You should keep your computer as up-to-date as possible. Updates provide security patches and sometimes additional functionality to your software.

Operating systems are the most integral part of your system. Therefore, you should update your OS regularly. Your operating system will have a software update program that will allow you to easily update your software. In some cases, these programs will not only provide updates to the operating system, but updates to other programs as well.

Another piece of software that is important to keep up-to-date is your anti-virus software. Your anti-virus software uses “definitions” to protect you from threats. Most vendors will update their definition files on a daily basis, and it is important to keep these files up-to-date. If your definitions are not up-to-date, your anti-virus will not be able to protect your computer from the latest threats. Be sure to keep these definition files up-to-date for this reason. If you are unsure how to update your definitions, check with your anti-virus vendor, as they will be able to give you instructions on how to keep your anti-virus software secure and up-to-date.

How to keep your Software Up-to-date

Every modern operating system comes with its own updating program. Every once in awhile, manually run it.

On Windows, most programs will come with a self-updater. Often, they update automatically, otherwise it’s a few clicks away.

On Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone, most software is installed through the App Store or a Package Manager. This will update those programs whenever you update the system, so as long as you keep your OS updated, you’re good.

In addition to keeping your software up-to-date through the software updater, it is also important to use software supported by developers. If the developer is not actively supporting the software that you’re using, this is just as dangerous as not using the most up-to-date software possible. New security exploits will never be patched if there are no developers for a program. For this reason, it is important to use supported the software.

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