Newbie Guide

This guide is designed for people who are unfamiliar with computers as a whole.

Driver Updaters

Driver updaters, driver boosters, driver pack installers – Should you use them? Simple answer!

NO! There is no benefit or logical reason to do so. Your operating system will automatically download most required drivers. For graphics drivers and anything that the OS doesn’t install, download the drivers from the manufacturers website, NOT from a program that claims to search and install all your drivers at once. What these programs can do:

  • Maliciously pack software such as nagware, malware, toolbars, and other nasty stuff.
  • Install the incorrect driver for the incorrect hardware and damage or corrupt your OS.
  • Install the most “up to date” of drivers that have not been tested or proven to be stable for your hardware. The most recent version is not always the BEST¬†version


Overclocking to get around performance issues isn’t going to help, in fact, it may cause more harm than good.

Please read our performance guide if you’re having performance issues.

What overclocking will do:

  • Increase frequency for the CPU and therefore voltage, heat, and reduce life span.
  • Very slightly improve performance (ONLY) when a stable overclock is applied to the point where you may not even notice the change.


This may seem like a “don’t do it because it’s wrong!” explanation at first, but we have our reasons for this. When users come in to /r/techsupport seeking techsupport with pirated software on their computer, a few things pop in our head:

  • We don’t know where you got this software.
  • It could have been packed with malware or could have included some system modifications to be able to run the crack (firewall changed, hosts file modifications, etc.)
  • The integrity of the software or OS could have been modified in order to run free of purchase. Which would very much so create bugs, issues, or corruption.

With that in mind, no, we are not thinking “OH! He pirated Windows and that’s illegal! We better not service him/her HA! Gottem!” we have our logical explanations as to why we do not want to help users with pirated software.

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