HWiNFO Logging

Disclaimer: Doing this will put your computer under an intense load and (although unlikely) it may possibly damage your hardware and/or cause software/file corruption. If you already know you have temperature or power-related issues, such as having an unbranded generic or lowly rated PSU, it’s best to just replace the likely defective part or fix your temperature issue if any. By downloading and running, you agree /r/techsupport and I are not liable to any damages.

To start troubleshooting using HWiNFO, follow this guide. It will walk you through how to setup logging and stress testing.

1. Download HWiNFO from here: 64bit or 32bit

2. Download Prime95 from here: 64bit or 32bit

3. Download Furmark from here: Furmark

4. Start HWiNFO and launch it in sensors only mode.

5. In the sensors only window go to settings and set the global polling frequency to 250 ms, click Set, then press OK.

6. Now to start logging for when your computer is under full load. Start the logging process by clicking the green + with the paper icon and save a .csv file to a location.

7. Next, just as soon as you started logging with HWiNFO launch Prime95 and start the blend test.

8. Along with Prime95 stress testing, start Furmark and select the GPU Stress Test and press GO! Keep the running stress test visible so it’s properly stressing the graphics adapter.

Try to keep all these programs running for at least 10 minutes, or up until your PC crashes if it has that issue. You can completely close/stop them when it reaches 10 minutes of logging time in HWiNFO.

If instructed to do this test, upload the .csv file to here: https://share.rtechsupport.org/

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