Subreddit Rules and Guidelines

1. We aren’t omniscient, please add more details to your post (such as your specs) so we don’t have to ask a bunch of questions.
2. If you have a problem with your work provided computer, this is not the place for you to search help.
3. Answer to ALL the questions and suggestions a tech may give you. Techs really don’t want to ask twice.
4. We do not support piracy or pirated software.
5. Include each and every step of everything you have already tried. Otherwise techs are wasting their time with researching stuff you have already done.
6. Only having a title as post is incredibly rude (like sending an email with only a subject).
7. Go to /r/buildapc, /r/suggestapc, or /r/suggestalaptop instead of here if you are obtaining or setting up a new PC.
8. Go to /r/ITCareerQuestions if you are looking for a career in the field of IT.
9. Don’t PM us. We can’t ensure you’re getting good advice and we can’t enforce the rules of the subreddit if you privately message people.
10. Techs are volunteers here. It is rude to expect that they will do everything for you because you say so.
11. We don’t care if it’s your password or your computer and you have locked yourself out – it’s still a password issue we won’t assist you with.
12. If you have problems with your ISP tell us which one it is and attach a speedtest if possible.
13. If you have a question about laws, EULAs, licenses, or another legal issue, include the country you are in.
14. If you have a question about purchasing new parts or region-locked media (DVDs), include the country you are in.
15. If English is not your native language or you don’t speak it well, include your native language.
16. Please do not downvote unless you give a reason why (such as “No this is bad advice please do [thing] instead”).
17. If you have a short, nice, and descriptive post title, try putting it into Google and see what comes up.
18. Adding a good and descriptive title to your post will make it more likely to end up with replies.
19. Posts containing descriptions like “My WiFi doesn’t work please help” or “Computer won’t turn on” is unlikely to get replies.
20. Don’t just say “I can’t” or “I’m unable to,” state your reasoning why.


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