User Emblems

This guide will show you all the emblems and what they mean next to a users name.

Apple GeniusThinks Granny Smith's are better than Gala's.
Backup & Recovery ExpertWho needs backups?
Expert BuilderLike an expert brick builder, but with computer parts and yelling.
Helper ExtraordinaireSkilled in basically everything.
Linux GuruHas installed Linux on a potato.
Live Chat ModeratorModerates the /r/techsupport IRC channel.
Live Chat SupporterAssists in the live threads and helps users out - Trust chatter
Networking ExpertPackets? What are those! The internet is just a series of tubes.
Programming ExpertI'll create a GUI interface using Visual Basic, and see if I can track an IP address.
Security ExpertFixes and breaks locks at the same time.
Subreddit ModeratorModerates /r/TechSupport
Subreddit SupporterActively contributes sound, accurate advice on the /r/techsupport subreddit.
System AdministratorTired, cranky and stubborn; these elusive creatures are often found maintaining and tinkering with servers. Coffee mandatory.
Wiki Top ContributorProbably illiterate. Monkeys could probably do their job better.
Windows MasterDoes not know how to count to 10.

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