Can’t Get Monitor Working

So you’re having trouble with your display such as “no signal” or a “black screen”, let’s walk you through some things that may cause this issue:

  • Loose display cable (HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, DVI)
  • Defective cable
  • Defective port
  • Display’s inverter or backlight died
  • You have the display cable plugged in the wrong port (i.e. plugged into the motherboard instead of the graphics card)
  • Your graphics card is dead
  • Your CMOS battery is dead
  • One or all of your memory modules or DIMM slots are dead
  • Your CPU isn’t seated correctly or you have bent some pins during an installation.
  • There is a hardware issue with your Motherboard
  • Your PSU is dead/dying or has insufficient wattage to run your computer
  • Something is shorting a component (such as a loose screw) causing your system to not POST (Power On Self Test)
  • You have other incompatible hardware you have installed on your system

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