Blue Screen of Death

Steps in troubleshooting BSOD crashes (Blue Screen of Death)

Tools you’ll need

For example:*

Windows 10 The error codes in the Win10 blue screen is where it says “HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED”.

Windows 7/8 The error code in the Win7/8 blue screen is where it says “IRQL_NOT_DISPATCH_LEVEL”

Blue Screen View

Download Blue Screen View from the above link and extract it to your Desktop. When you launch the program it’ll automatically search the default .dmp file folder (Typically C:\Windows\MiniDump), and will automatically add them into the application.

Example Blue Screen View

In the above link is an example. The first column marked “Filename” in the bottom section is the specific file that caused the blue screen. Typically, a quick google search of this file followed by “bsod” will typically tell you what caused it and how to fix it. You can also use the “Bug Check String” and “Bug Check Code” column details in the google search to narrow down your results.

In the above example for instance, we can see the .dmp file selected was caused by the file “hal.dll”. Putting this into google shows this is a System32 file. Adding on the bug check string of “DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL gives us this page as the first link which suggests it’s an issue with the Killer Networks Ethernet Card driver.

Who Crashed

Who Crashed is a lot easier on the eyes and typically runs you through instructions on how to analyze the .dmp files so I won’t go into too much detail here.

Opening the application and clicking the “Analyze” option in the top left of the screen will have the application check the default .dmp file location and will give you a report on the details as Blue Screen View would do. Once you’ve discovered the culprit file or driver, the steps will be the same to google the filename along with the bug check string of the blue screen to determine the specific cause.

If you’re unsure of any steps along the way or have run out of ideas for fixes, feel free to jump into the IRC channel or posting on the Sub-Reddit explaining all the details and steps you’ve taken as well as all the information you’ve gathered from your .dmp file analysis.

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