Keeping Accounts Secure

More breaches happen everyday and your information is part of this wave of information floating around. Knowing how to properly keep your account secure and know what precautions to take can help protect your account from attacks.

Point Of Failure

No system is safe from any form of penetration. Crackers will always find a vulnerability and in the chance find a trove of user data, occasionally in plaintext with no form of protection such as hashing and salting. Minimizing the point of failure within your reach can prevent crackers from accessing other information from other websites and services.

Tips to follow:

Don’t Panic

You’ve set yourself up for success… they didn’t. Breaches in services and websites happen more often than you think. Whenever this happens the service or website has the obligation to disclose this information to their user base. When you receive a notification that a service or website you use has been breached, don’t panic! You’ve taken steps to ensure the security of your accounts by using unique passwords for each account and, if possible, used two-factor authentication. Change the password for the account along with other related services.

Have I Been ‘Pwned’?

If you would like to find out if you’ve been compromised Have I Been Pwned is a great online tool by Troy Hunt. You could also setup a notification to notify you if you’ve been part of a breach.

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